CINTECH is E-JUST’s gate to the Industry, coordinating the work between the outside world and all Cluster units and providing all needed support.

In addition, CINTECH is the unit responsible for managing all consultation activities offered by the various E-JUST experts and/or consultation sub-units.


Services to the industry

  • Analysis
  • Consultations
  • Research and Development
  • Intellectual Property Advice
  • Industry Training

Areas of Expertise

Full analysis of the sanitation and industrial samples.
Preparing full studies on:

  • How to make use of the organic wastes of plants
  • How to calculate the total energy consumption and proposing a solution to conserve energy consumption
  • How to find solutions to solve all environmental of production issues of a plant .

IE Consultations

  • Simulation and improvement of production line
  • Logistics ,distribution, and supply chain management
  • Production planning control
  • Facilities layout and material handling

Manufacturing and Design

  • Machinery Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery
  • Quality Assessment of Mechanical Products using Nondestructive Dynamic Test
  • Machinability investigations and tool performance optimisation.
  • Brand Development and User Insight 
  • Concept Generation
  • Sustainable Design Prototyping


  • Mold and die design for plastic and metal forming
  • Finite Element Modeling and simulations of mechanical and structural system
  • Water treatment and desalination
  • Polymer composite design
  • Steel alloys and ceramics design
  • Testing of mechanical and thermal properties


  • Design and investigation of Robotics and automation systems.
  • static and dynamic finite element analysis of structures and mechanical systems. 
  • Design and fabrication of micro devices (sensors, actuators, and microfluidics systems)

-photometry and standard calibration of light display equipment

-Food safety, microbiology analysis, R&D in the field of developing biotechnology products. Food industry training in general hygiene

-Positioning Errors of satellite Navigation Systems

-Performance of satellite systems in space environment

-Muon tomography applications in Geology and security


-Hydrogen production by electrolysis and hydrothermal cracking.

-Design of Anodic and Cathodic protection systems

-Assessment of commercial/industrial antiscales and corrosion inhibitors

- The consultant and implementation for restoration projects for historic buildings, the historic collections and antiques of some culture heritage sites and museums

-Conservation Planning and management for the new museums.

-Experimental studies for the new materials in the conservation field (i.e Nanomaterials in Preservation of Culture Heritage) and modern museum displaying and storage (materials and design).

Marketing and Branding Consultancy 

Accounting and Financial consultancy 

Administrative Consultancy 

Effective Marketing Research 

Feasibility studies 

Research skills development for professionals and non-professionals

Training workshops and sessions in: Accounting, Finance, Data analytics, computerized auditing, Leadership, Decision making, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Commercialization of new Innovation, Services Marketing and Total Quality Management, Marketing and Other Management-related topics.

  • Pharmacognosy department
  • Developing suitable extraction techniques of herbal and other natural products.
  • Running quality control procedures for natural products used in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and cosmetics.
  • Searching for novel remedies from local resources.
  • Utilization of agriculture waste to form some active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Quality control of popular food materials like honey and HALAWA TAHYNYA.
  • Quality control of aflatoxins in nuts and herbal drugs.
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry department:
  • 1 Development, Optimization, and Validation of Analytical
  • 1.1 Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
  • 1.2 Biological Samples
  • 1.3 Food and Feed Samples
  • 1.4 Environmental Samples
  • 2 Training Sessions for Industrial Quality Control Specialists
  • 3 Consultation and recognizing the need for expert guidance and specialized analytical services.
  • 4 Outsourcing Analytical Services based on our knowledge, well-equipped laboratories, meticulous approach, and dedication to excellence.
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department:
  • 1-Chemical design and construction of drugs.
  • 2-Manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).
  • 3-Former Founder and Director of the Research and Development Sector at Pharco-B International Pharmaceutical Chemicals Company.
  • 4-Former Head of Technical Sectors Pharco-B International.
  • 5-Pharmaceutical raw materials consultant, Eva Pharma Group.
  • Pharmaceutics department:
  • Design of pharmaceutical and cosmetic dosage forms.
  • Design and manufacture of polymers for pharmaceutical use.
  • Former member of the Technical Committee for Medical Supplies at the Medicines Authority.

Consultant in several cosmetic companies

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